Sub surface water

Ag Pipe Corrugated

Agg Pipe is used for subsoil drainage. Available in a range of sizes inc, 65mm, 100mm slotted with filter sock. Ag Pipe comes in rolls  10m and 20m and each coil is fitted with a Coupling and filter sock. Fittings include T junction, Y junction, Connectors 65mm and 100mm.

The tested and proven cost effective subsoil drainage system • HDPE construction • Strong Seamless Filterfabric • Slotted with filter sock • Certified Product -Australian Standard,AS/NZS 2439

Roll Sizes

  • Agg Pipe slotted filter sock 65mmX10m
  • Agg Pipe slotted filter sock 65mmX20m

  • Agg Pipe slotted plane 100mmX10m
  • Agg Pipe slotted plane 100mmX20m

  • T  junction  65MM
  • T  junction  100MM

  • Y junction 65MM
  • Y junction 100MM

  • Connectors 65MM
  • Connectors 100MM

Trench drainage

THE ORIGINAL RAIN DRAIN TRENCHING. STILL THE BEST. RELN Drain Trenching was launched in 1968, and represented a breakthrough in trenching. The current range is made in Australia from strong and durable recycled plastic, and is available in three sizes, to suit every soil type. Ideal for septic effluent, sullage waste or stormwater.  Able to be overlapped.


  • 515mm Width x 230mm Height x 1,520mm Length
  • End cape for 230mm size Standard


  • 535mm Width x 350mm Height x 1,520mm Length
  • End caps for 350mm size large


  • 540mm Width x 410mm Height x 1,520mm Length
  • End caps for 410mm size jumbo


PROFAB -non-woven geotextile mini rolls are ideal for subsurface drainage applications. GEOTEXTILES – Available in 2x50m and 1x50m GSM 140

  • ProFABRIC – Per Meter 1mtr width gsm140
  • ProFABRIC – Full Roll 1.0 X 50m gsm140
  • ProFABRIC – Per Meter 2mtr Width gsm 140
  • ProFABRIC – Full Roll 2.0 X 50m gsm140


  • Include
  • Trench drainage
  • Light separation
  • Transpirations Trenches
  • Retaining wall filter system
  • Many other drainage and landscape applications

Sheet Drain

ProDrain Sheet Drain System CD12

Roll size 12mm thick 1.0m wide 25m long

  • ProDrain – Per Meter 1mtr x 1mtr length
  • ProDrain  – Full Roll 1m  X 25m  length


PROFAB -non-woven geotextile mini rolls are ideal for subsurface drainage applications

  • Include
  • Vertical wall Drainage
  • Horizontal Roof Drainage
  • Planter Box Drainage
  • Membrane protection
  • Leachhate Collection Drain system

ProDrain® Geocomposite Sheet Drain System

In all cases the ProDrain® is positioned such that the side of the product that has the geotextile attached is facing towards the soil. The geotextile can filter a wide range of soil types and can generally be backfilled with on-site materials however the likelihood of geotextile blockage from problematic soils should always be investigated by the client engaged engineer.  

 Overlap and joint

STEP 1. Peel back the geotextile layer off the last two rows of dimples on both boards to be joined.

STEP 3. Overlap the sheets and press together.

STEP 2. Apply a spot of neutral cure plastic adhesive to each dimple cavity.

STEP 4. Fold back the geotextile onto the surface and tape the join to hold it together until the backfill soil is placed against. There may be a requirement for specific collection systems at the base of the ProDrain® sheet drain to efficiently discharge collected water. A conventional “agi pipe” or the ProDrain SD collector pipes are generally suitable for use. It is important that such drains allow for the efficient discharge of water external to the application. Please contact Global Synthetics for additional information relating to installation.


ProDrain® 30mm Drainage Cell

Prodrain – Size 1m2 x 30mm thick 

Can be broken into 4 sections of 500×500 and joined together to a continuous size sheet.


  • Podium/plaza drainage
  • Rooftop garden drainage
  • Planter box drainage
  • Vertical drainage panels behind walls
  • Alternative To Traditional Granular drainage methods

Product Information

ProDrain® 30mm Drainage Cell is a lightweight three dimensional geo-composite used for subsurface water management. The Prodrain® Drainage Cell polypropylene core is moulded into a unique profile and then wrapped in a filtration geotextile which then provides a complete void space for the water to travel horizontally without any obstruction. Its lightweight, high compressive strength makes the product ideal for roof gardens & podium landscaping, retaining walls, sports fields & golf courses, under drains for slabs and foundations and subsurface drainage for permeable driveways and car parks.

ProDrain   30mm drainage cell is used in many horizontal drainage applications. The product has a high crush strength to support heavy loads. ProDrain  comes in a large panel size with integral clips for fast and easy installation The modular drainage cell system replaces traditional heavy mineral drainage layers with one lightweight, easy to install system.

Corflute Sheet 2440x1220mm

Protection Board

AUSDRAIN™ supplies a 3mm 500gsm corflute protection board that is widely used by waterproofers, builders and landscapers to protect waterproof membranes. The sheets are supplied in 1830x1220mm sizes. Protection board is a high impact resistant fluted thermoplastic sheeting that has excellent strength and damage resistance that is used to prevent damage from backfilling to waterproof membranes. It is often recommended for use in combination with the drainage cell to prevent abrasion from the plastic against the membrane. Often this is the case with liquid membranes as opposed to torch on membranes. AUSDRAIN™ Protection Board is made in Australia from polyproylene material which is inert and non-reactive to water, soils and chemicals. AUSDRAIN™ protection board is often also used to protect newly installed floor surfaces such as timber, tiles and marble during the construction period.

ProTank Modular Tank

Product Information:

ProTank® Modular Tanking System is widely used for subsurface Stormwater Management in any soil type. Its lightweight, strong structural design, modular nature, high void surface area and storage volume up to 90% of the excavated area makes the product ideal for underground rainwater harvesting, infiltration, attenuation tanking system for domestic & commercial applications, Grass swales systems, retrofits of open concrete channels. roadside drainage systems, grey water & septic leach fields.

Root Barrier


  • Around individual trees to limit root growth.
  • Adjacent to structure footings to mitigate root damage.
  • Adjacent to paths and driveways to limit potential cracking issues.
  • Around golf course greens and garden beds to contain root penetration

The Root Barrier should be installed adjacent to building footings or directly under the “drip line” of the tree to ensure that roots cannot propagate and potentially damage hard-scapes such as concrete and paved pathways. Root Barrier is available in depths of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm.



  • Clears unwanted water in sandy soil fast, designed to withstand ground pressure, knock out centre or bottom inlet / outlet for controlled flow
  • Drainage slots designed to provide maximum water flow to surrounding soil
  • Easy to assemble simple to install.


  • Dimensions: 620mm x 280mm x 625mm
  • Capacity: 150L 

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