SQUAIE SLAB MESH 200×200 : GRade D500L Ribbed Reinforcement Wire

  • SL72 6m X 2.4m
  • SL82 6m X 2.4m
  • SL92 6m x 2.4m Special Order
  • SL72 UTE 4m x 2m
  • SL82 UTE 4m x 2m
  • TM 11 6 meter (200mm 300mm 400mm) 6 Meter Length
  • N12 & N12 Gal 6 Meter Length
  • N16 & N16 Gal 6 Meter Length
  • N20 & N20 Gal 6 Meter Length

Price Reduction 20%

on steel lintels

Volume Discounts = -10%


  • Washed Sand (Newcastle), Screed, Concrete
  • Yellow Bricklaying sand
  • White Bricklaying sand
  • Course Sand (man sand) Paving
  • Mixed Sand & Blue metal (Core fill)
  • Fill Sand (back-filling)
  • Bulk supplies of Sands -also available in 20kg bags and One Tonne bulk bags.


  • Blue Metal 10mm, Blue Metal 20mm
  • Road Base (DGB20)
  • Crusher Dust
  • Recycled Aggregates (20mm only)  
  • Recycled Road Base, Bedding Sand (delivered only)
  • Rail Ballast / Gabion Stone (Special order only)
  • Cold Mix -by the tonne or in 1 tonne bulk bag(delivery only)
  • Cold Mix- 20kg Bag in store or by the tonne (delivery only)
  • Bulk supplies of Gravels also available in 20kg bags and one Tonne bulk bags


  • Pine Barks
  • Hort Grade l0mm
  • General Pine Bark 20mm
  • Euci Mulch
  • Leaf mulch (Woodcutters Mix)
  • Tea Tree (bale) 4 SQM COMPRESSION BALES
  • Sugar Cane Mulch (bale) 7 SQM COMPRESSION BALES
  • Bulk supplies of mulches – available by m3 & 60lts bags or one cubic m3 Bulk Bags

Garden Soils

  • Premium Garden Mix
  • Turf Loam -Top Soil & Turf Underlay.
  • Premium potting mix 60lt Bags
  • Premium Garden Mix 20kg Bags
  • Topsoil 20kg Bags
  • Cow Manure 30lt
  • All premium products
  • Bulk supplies of Soils- also available in 20kg bags and 1 Tonne/1m3 Bulk bags



  • River Stone 20mm,
  • Cowra white 20mm
  • Bulk supplies of Pebbles- also available by 20kg bags and 1 Tonne bulk bag
  • Imported Stone – Lava black, Shine black, Snow White (SPECIAL ORDER)
  • Imported stones available in 10kg bags (Available size range 30/45- 40/50- 50/65mm)

Building/Steel Re-enforcing Products

  • Steel- Slab Mesh, 6mx2.4m in SL82, SL72,
  • Ute mesh 4mx2m SL72, SL82
  • Trench mesh 6.000mm length, TM8mm & TM11mm 3bar (200mm),4bar (300mm), 5bar (400mm), 6bar (500mm)
  • Deformed Rods  N12 & N12 Gal,  N16 & N16Gal, N20, 6.000mm length
  • L & Z Bar Sized (special order)   
  • Re-enforcement fitments- ligatures
  • Bar Chairs (plastic & steel) Tie wire, Base plates,
  • Expansion joint Foam joint- handy rolls 6m & 25m x 10mm plane & self-adhesive,  joint bitumen board
  • Pier liners – 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm @ 4.000m length any other sizes (special order) no problem
  • Plastic under slab (handy rolls 5mx2m 10mx2m 20mx2) 2mx50m & 4mx50m 200um high impact
  • Timber stakes, Star post steel, Safety caps

Bricks & Blocks

  • Bricks –Solid commons (PMC) pallet 384 or single
  • Bricks- Extruded scratch face 80 strap 400 pallet
  • Brick -Extruded Paint Grade 80 Strap00 Pallet
  • Concrete Blocks 100mm,150mm,200mm,300mm range is Austral Masonry

Brick is a building material that has exceptional “thermal mass” properties. Thermal mass is the ability of a heavy, dense material to store heat and then slowly release it. This means that during summer, brick homes stay cool during the hottest part of the day, while in the cooler months, the walls store your home’s heat and radiate it back to those inside. Ideally suited to Australia’s sunny climate, they can be easily combined with insulation to provide the best heat-efficient building solution around. 


Genuine Galintel® Galvanised Steel Lintels are fully compliant with all relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Backed by a 25 Year product warranty, Galintel® Galvanised Steel Lintels are made in Australia from 100% Australian Steel from BlueScope

  • Traditional flat
  • Solid Base 
  • Traditional 
  • Rendabar 
  • Traditional T-bar
  • Cavity-T- Bar
  • J-Bar

Lintel Bars Ultra-lintels

110mm x 80mm @ .900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700, 3000.

110mm x 170mm @ 1800, 2100, 1400, 2700, 3000, 3300, 3600,3900

  • Ultra-lintels are typically installed by a Builder or Bricklayer and it is very important that the following instructions are followed during installation:
  • Lintels must be placed with the rough side facing up in order to provide a proper key into the mortar above.
  • Lintels must be propped at intervals not exceeding 1500mm until the mortar has matured.
  • The minimum bearing onto the brickwork is 100mm (spans up to 1200mm) and 150mm (spans > 1200mm). this is based on the assumption of a minimum brick crushing strength of 20 MPa

Cement, Drymix, Grouts & Oxides

  • Cements– Builders, General Propose cement, Off white cement, Southern white
  • Pre Mixed -Concrete mix, Rapid Set Concrete, Rapid Set Concrete, Sand Cement, Rapid Set Sand Cement, uni render, uni grout, mbed grout
  • High strength, 50mpa  Concrete
  • Cement & Concrete additives, foudu, xlime, lime, clay, Bycol, Silsasc, Efflock, Bondcrete, Cemstick
  • Oxide Comprehensive range of colors of Boral colors.

Waterproofing & Masonry Sealants

  • Bycol
  • Eflock
  • Masonry sealants
  • Bondcrete
  • Cemsti
  • Driziro foundation &  max seal flex
  • Tiles Angle

Builders Dampcourse

  • Alcor – 10m and 30m rolls
  • Poly- Damp – 30m rolls
  • lead flashings – 15kg m2 and 20kgm2, 3m and 6m rolls
  • Malthiod – 20m rolls
  • Wakaflex – 5m rolls
  • Expansion joint Foam joint – handy rolls 6m & 25m 10mm thick plane & self-adhesive
  • Bitumen  fiberboard 60mm 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mm in 9.5mm x 2.4 m
  • Plastic under slab (handy rolls 5mx2m 10mx2m 20mx2), 2mx50m & 4mx50m 200um high impact

Builders Sundries

  • Wall Ties, Carlray, Cavity, Stubby, veneer, frame
  • Masonry Expansion Ties M.E.T
  • Abey Ties Australian made
  • Expanded Metal – Sheet 2400x700mm, Stainless, & Gal
  • Tiles mesh square & Bird Wire Rolls x .900 & 1.200mm
  • Bricktor, 76mm, Vermin wire 150mm, 300mm
  • Expansion joint Foam joint- handy 6m & 25m rolls
  • 10mm plane & self-adhesive 
  • Bitumen  fiberboard 60mm 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mm in 9.5mm x 2.4 m
  • Vents-Clay and Concrete brass wire, in comprehensive colors
  • Slip joint 110mm 150mm 190mm 230mm 270mm 270mm Bridge/Cavity @ 3.000m length
  • Nails, screws, wall plugs
  • Steel door Jambs left and right  720mm 820mm 920mm 970mm for brick work. Special order fire door and frame other sizes  

Drainage Products

Sub Surface water

  • Agg Pipe (socked ), in 100mm & 65mm in 10m & 20m Length T Junctions Y Junctions
  • Trench Drainage  3 sizes  standard, large, Jumbo, x1520mm, stop ends
  • Geo fabrics- filer cloth 1m and 2m, rolls 50m or buy per meter
  • Drainage cell Vertical wall System, (Cordeck) wall drainage, planter boxes, membrane protection.
  • Drainage cell horizontal (Nero cell)  podium, rooftops, gardens, easy to install system  
  • Slit and sediment control products. Silt bags 600mm long , silt fence 900mm 50m rolls
  • Sub Surface Aggs- recycled drainage Aggregates products 20kg Bag, one tone bags,
  • Corflute 2440 x 1220mm

Surface Water Drains & Pits

Pits- Domestic to Commercial, Aluminum & Galvanized steel -Class A and Class B

  • Storm Vortex new generation pits
  • Storm water pits Traditional

Grates in Black plastic, stainless steel, galvanized, Architectural stainless steel Surface water drains- 1m and 3 meter Length

  • Storm Mate Straight line low profile shallow system,
  • Storm drain Straight line Deep profile Complete Drainage system, 90 cnrs

Garden Edging & Retaining Wall

SHAPESCAPER weathering steel garden edging. Manufactured in Australia with Bluescope Steel

Length are supplied complete with connector plates, stakes and screws. Pre-drilled holes make assembly and alignment easy. SHAPESCAPER landscape edging is a modular steel landscaping system available in eight profile heights at 75mm, 150mm, 185mm, 230mm, 290mm, 390mm and 590mm. All lengths are 2400mm long and the lower profiles can be shaped on site into angle bends or flowing curves.

Lawn & Lawn care

  • Sir Grange – The new player in the Aussie Turf Market
  • Sir Walter- DNA cert-  best seller
  • Tiftuf Bermuda, the new all rounder
  • Couch & Kikuya. Old school
  • Lawn Care- Lawn Solutions, Sir Walter launcher, Sir Walter Fertilizers, lawn Rescue, Grub guard, weed Controls, Color Guards,
  • Organic Top Soil & Organic Turf Underlay.
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  • Freshest cut turf(cut fresh to, order call us for more info) WEATHER PERMITTING.
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