Garden Edging and Retaining Wall



Designed to Make Installation Quick and Easy! – Our modular systems fits easily together with pre-drilled components and all fixtures supplied.

Quality Control System – Precision engineered to guarantee a quick and easy installation, saving time and money.

Transform your Next Landscaping Project! – The SHAPESCAPER® range suits projects from large commercial installations to simple DIY makeovers.

10 Year Warranty – Structural guarantee on all SHAPESCAPER® products. See our terms and conditions for full details

Steel Garden Edging and Planters 

steel landscape edging and planters are made to last

Pre-Made Edging Corners

Stakes and Connectors

Steel Planter Rings


Garden edging products for gardening perfectionists who love design freedom.

Link Edge aluminum garden edging is the perfect way to create defined borders and pathways in your garden, as well as prevent grass and weeds from growing into unwanted areas. It’s a great way to add some extra style to your garden design ideas.

The Link Edge Original is a cost-effective, long term border management.  It is made of high-quality aluminium, meaning it’s weatherproof and durable. It can be fitted quickly and easily without the need for any specialist tools, making it a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to edge your garden.

Link Edge 100mmx 3m length Able to be Curved

Link Edge 75mm x 3m Length Able to be Curved

Link Edge 50mm x 3m length Able to be curved

Link Edge Corner connecters give you a 90 degree angle lift or right

Link Edge Guides hold spikes vertical when driven into ground

Spikes are driven into the ground supporting angle though the Guides

Available in 150mm or 300mm

Fish Plates connectors join the length together in a straight line

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