Waterproofing & Masonry Sealants

Bycol Clear

  • Bycol Clear lts
  • Bycol Clear 5lts
  • Bycol Clear 20lts

Typical Uses:

Diggers Bycol Clear is an air-entraining admixture used to improve the workability of brickwork mortars and concrete mixes. FATTY Sand: Add 25mls to the gauging water used for each 40kg bag of cement or 250mls per every 200 litres of water.

Bycol Dark

  • Bycol Dark 5lts
  • Bycol Dark 20lts

Typical Uses:

Diggers Bycol Dark is the same as Bycol Clear, but is designed for use by plasterers to obtain a far smoother rendered surface. COURSE Sand: Add up to 50mls for each 40kg bag of cement or up to 500mls per 200 litres of water.

Diggers 5L Bycol Dark Plasticiser

Efflock 1 litre - makes 101 litres!


Controlling Water Absorption

  • Efflock 1lt
  • Efflock 5lts
  • Efflock 20lts


  • Bondcrete 1lts
  • Bondcrete 2lts
  • Bondcrete 5lts
  • Bondcrete 15lts
  • Bondcrete 20lts

Bondall BondCrete is an extremely versatile bonding and sealing agent widely used in the building and renovating industry.

An Introduction to Bondall BondCrete


  • Cemstick 1lt
  • Cemstick 2lts
  • Cemstick 20lts

Cemstick® is a PVA emulsion designed as a bonding agent and an admixture for cement. Cemstick® is suitable for various substrates such as concrete block, brick, plasterboard, fibre cement sheet and timber.


  • Silasec 2lts
  • Silasec 5lts
  • Silasec 20lts

Bondall Silasec is a concentrated liquid waterproofing compound designed to be used with Portland type A or type GP cements to form a permanent waterproof barrier on masonry and concrete structures and floors.

Silasec Water Proof Cement Paint

Durabit EF Waterprofing

15lts Duram Durabit EF is an elastomeric, environmentally friendly, water-based synthetic latex Polymer emulsion (SBR) membrane designed for both internal and external (non-exposed) applications. It cures to form a durable, odourless, impervious, seamless membrane that when fully cured does not re-emulsify even if immersed in water. available in Grey & White.

AZCOTHANE Waterproofing

15 ltsDuram Azcothane is water-based, highly flexible, high performance, polyurethane fortified, acrylic emulsion waterproofing membrane formulated for use in demanding exposed, under tile, underground and immersed waterproofing applications. Duram Azcothane’s formulation complied with AS4858:2004 and is generally applied in accordance with AS3740:2004. Available in Grey

WB PRIMER 15 lts

Duram WB Primer is a water based, concrete compatible, polymer emulsion which enhances the adhesion of Durabit EFDurabit Reo, Duram Azcothane range of acrylic membranes as well as the Crystoflex membrane.
Duram WB Primer is a penetrative primer with good adhesion properties particularly to porous surfaces.


Bituflex is a water-based, single pack, rubberised (latex) bituminous waterproofing compound incorporating elastomers and reinforcing agents. It is formulated to a brushable consistency, but with sufficient body to provide a thick build-up waterproofing membrane. Bituflex dries to form a durable, flexible, elastic waterproofing membrane. Available in 15lts

LANKO 173- Floor Leveller

Is a cement-based, floor levelling compound for use over internal and external concrete sub-floors. Ideal for repairing dry areas of structurally sound sub-floors of concrete and for repairing small holes, static cracks and depressions. Related products: primed with Lanko 124 Ultraprime

LANKO 133- Pro Floor Leveller

A self levelling, high strength, cement-based underlayment designed for levelling internal and external commercial floors. Used to repair, fill or level surfaces in new construction or for corrective work. Related products: primed with Lanko 124 Ultraprime


 MAXSEAL FLEX is a two-component product. -Once applied and cured, MAXSEAL FLEX provides a non-toxic, flexible and waterproof coating with very high adhesion on those common substrates in construction- concrete, natural stone, traditional mortar plasters, artificial stone, bricks, concrete blocks, Hebel etc.  supplied in grey and   white colour, both available in standard and smooth textures, can be tinted.

  • Available in
  • 35kg(10kg componentA+25kg component B)
  • 14kg Handi-pack, includes brush and stirrer (4kg component A + 10kg component B)
  • Standard texture


  • Grey only
  • 25KG BAG

MAXSEAL FOUNDATION is a cement based product which, with special additives and selected aggregates to provide total waterproofing protection to concrete, bricks and blocks due to its high resistance to aggressive waters Will seal against positive and negative water pressure


  • 5kg Cans
  • 1kg Handy Pack

MAXPLUG ia a quick-setting cement-based mortar  that instantly stops running water from cracks, holes  or other openings in concrete, masonry and other substrates.



MAXMESH is a woven fiberglass mesh Membrane Reinforcement designed for use with waterproofing coatings to reinforce and strengthen in areas subject to movement. Woven fibreglass Membrane reinforcement used in conjunction with Maxseal Flex and Maxmesh is used to reinforce and strengthen areas such as wall floor intersections, cracks in suspended slabs, slabs, cold joints and construction joints

MAXBRUSH – Fibre Type

Application: MAXSEAL FLEX is applied with a fibre type brush or broom such as MAXBRUSH or MAXBROOM, or by trowel. DO NOT APPLY USING ROLLERS

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