Abey Ties Australia

Alligator Ties

  • Code 0626 R2 Galvanised Z600 (10 per box)
  • Code 0636 R3 304L stainless steel (10 per box)

Alligator expansion ties which are the most efficient, versatile and cost effective method of tying brick, block walls to concrete, steel, or timber, connecting walls to concrete ceilings or new walls to existing walls. Conform to AS2699 & AS3700, available in Galvanised Z275 and 316 Stainless steel for corrosive environments.

Expansion Ties

  • Code 0610 R2 Galvanised (20 per box)
  • Code 0611 R4 316l Stainless(20 per Box)

Wall expansion ties have been designed and manufactured by Abey to take the guesswork out of laying, masonry wall expansion gaps. The patented design bites deep into the mortar and holds tight, providing maximum grip in the hard yet brittle mortar, while providing bathe correct control gap (10-20mm) so necessary in masonry construction.

Brick Veneer– Sheriff Ties

Face Fixing light  Duty Veneer Ties Including Nails

  • Code  1000 Face Fix R2 face Galvanised (150 per Box)
  • Code 1002 Face Fix R3 Stainless steel (150 per Box)
  • Code 1004 Face Fix R4 316 Stainless steel (150 per Box)

Sheriff Face Fixing Tie has been designed to conform to stringent Australian Standards AS2699 and AS3700. It allows for timber shrinkage and brick growth that can occur in this type of construction. It has a very narrow shank so that any mortar that drops down the cavity does not stick onto it. It’s rated light duty or medium duty. And it’s also available as a side fixing tie.

Wire Cavity Ties

Stayfix “double loop”

  • Code 0605 R3 Galvanised Red Coated (500 per box)
  • Code 0602 R4 316L Stainless Steel (500 per box)

We can special order Abey ties. That are not stocked items

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