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Products sand


Rendering Sand, White Brickies Sand, Yellow Brickies Sand, River Sand (Paving), Filling Sand (under slab)

Product metals


Road Base, Blue Metal 10mm, Blue Metal 20mm, Recycled Aggregates,

Products soils

Garden Soils

Premium Garden Mix, Premium Planter Mix (contains 30% River Sand), Top Soil, Turf Underlay (contains 30% River Sand)

Products mulch


Red Wood Chip, Horticultural Grade Bark 10mm — suitable as soft fall, General Purpose Bark (25mm), Eucalyptus Mulch Forest Fines (Woodcutters Mix)

Product pebblesstone


Nepean River Stone 20mm, Cowra White 20mm, Cowra Gold 20mm, Shiny Black Pebble (small bag only) (various sizes 20 — 60mm), White Crushed Stone 10mm & 20mm (small bag only), Red Crushed Stone 10mm (small bag only)

Product building

Building Products includess

  • Bulk supplies of all sands/soils/gravels — also available in Bulker bags
  • Concrete/Clay Lintels
  • Arch/Angle/Heavy Duty Bars
  • Render Bars Re-enforcing Steel/Mesh and steel accessories
  • Re-enforcing rods/fittings
  • Pier liners — standard 300mm 400mm 450mm — others by order
  • Bricks — Solid — Extruded
  • Concrete Blocks 100mm,150mm,200mm,300mm range
  • Hebel Products 50 mm 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mm and Hebel tools
  • Dry Mixes and additives to suit all trades
  • Vents Clay — Brickwork — Hooded vents also
  • Comprehensive stocks of Blue Circle oxides
  • Dampcourse Products/Additives
  • Waterproofing Products
  • Wall Ties
  • Masonry Ties
  • Large range of tradesman's, handyman, gardening hand tools
  • Large collection of commonly used General Hardware
Product drainage

Drainage Products include

  • Agg Pipe (socked and plain), Pits from 200mm to 700mm, Drains/Channels, (Plastic/Gals/Stainless) Heavy duty Grates/Drains,
  • Silt/Sedimentary containage products, Premium or recycled aggregates for drainage, Brushable membrane products
Product gardening

Gardening products include

  • Bagged —Cow Manure — Mushroom Compost — Sugar Cane
  • Straw Mulch — Tea tree Mulch — Chicken Manures
  • Fertilisers — Barks — Garden mixes/soils
  • Paving sands — Gapping sand (pavers) — Decorative Pebbles/gravels ....and much more
Product others


  • Weekly Turf Supplies Service — order by Thursday — Delivery Saturday
  • Extensive range of paver/retaining wall products
  • Current stocks and display of fast moving paving products
  • Concrete Slabs, Steps, Car stops, Garden Edging
  • Roofing products, Sarking, Tile pointing, valleys
  • Service available to roofers to dispose of unwanted roof tiles.